Success in any complex undertaking is often determined by one's ability to foresee and thereby avoid potential problems. Agile Thermal Technologies applies this maxim to all aspects of its business, from the design and engineering of the smallest critical component to a complete analysis of an entire system. By investing in rigorous analysis and extensive modeling before the first piece of metal is cut, AT2 is able to reduce unwelcome surprises, optimize materials selection and improve system performance and reliability. AT2's analysis capabilities include the following:

-   Finite Element Analysis
-   Thermo Analysis
-   Creep Life Analysis
-   Temperature Uniformity Analysis
-   Failure Modes and Effects Analysis
-   Failure Modes and  Effects Criticality Analysis
-   Fault Tree Analysis
-   Root Cause Analysis
-   Mean Time Between Failures
-   Three Dimensional Modeling
-   Time-Motion Analysis
-   Life Cycle Cost Analysis
-   Energy Usage and Optimization Analysis


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