Agile Thermal Technologies offers a full range of manufacturing consulting and process engineering services. AT2 works collaboratively with clients to understand their performance and process objectives and then applies proven methodologies and years of practical experience to help clients realize their goals.

Commercialization Assistance
The leap from laboratory to market can be difficult and dangerous. We have the expertise to assist new technologies to successfully and efficiently cross the "chasm" of commercialization.  One of the most common mistakes is to attempt to scale a process without fully understanding the process variance factors. As a result, valuable time is lost during the critical transition from Prototype to Pilot.  A properly designed and executed process scale-up plan is often the most cost effective way to avoid this mistake and to identify opportunities for process improvement early in the commercialization effort.
A second pitfall is to fail to design for manufacturability. Often the process is designed without sufficient consideration of the capabilities and limitations of available manufacturing equipment. As a result, the process either has to be modified or needlessly expensive manufacturing equipment must be custom built to support a sub-optimized process. AT2's extensive experience across industries and with a range of processes and equipment can be invaluable aids in safely and effectively commercializing your new product or technology.

Advanced Process Optimization
Ultimately, your product is only as good as your process. If your process isn't optimal and repeatable, your product and your bottom line will suffer. Agile Thermal Technologies has extensive experience with developing and optimizing a wide range of advanced materials manufacturing processes.  Our consulting teams have the real world "how to" knowledge and advanced analysis and diagnostics capabilities to help fix your problematic processes and to optimize your underperforming processes. We will work closely and collaboratively with your technology team to identify and remediate process variance factors. Our expertise in thermodynamics, engineering, and materials science will help ensure that your process benefits from the latest theory and best-practices applicable to your application.

Continuous Process Improvement
In addition to technical process optimization assistance, AT2provides continuous process improvement assistance utilizing many widely practiced methodologies and techniques including: Six Sigma, lean manufacturing/JIT, Deming, Total Quality Management (TQM), Statistical Process Control (SPC), and Business Process Improvement (BPI) and Reengineering (BPR).  Whether your goal is improving quality to increase yield, or smoothing WIP to reduce inventory costs, we can help. Unlike many other consulting organizations, AT2 makes knowledge transfer a primary goal of all process improvement engagements; we make it a point to equip your team with sufficient expertise in the appropriate proven process optimization methodologies to maintain your processes without expensive consulting call-backs.


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