While Agile Thermal Technologies has established a reputation as the world's foremost Vacuum Isothermal Forging Press (VIFP) system supplier, AT2 capabilities extend across a wide variety of industries, system types, and processes.  In fact, AT2 considers its cross-industry experience and multi-disciplinary approach as a source of competitive advantage for AT2's  customers. AT2 has extensive hands-on experience with the following industries and processes:

-  Space
-  Aerospace
-  Defense
-  Energy
-  Healthcare/ Medical Devices
-  Electronics / Semi-conductor / Microwave
-  High Power Device Fabrication
-  Melting and Casting
-  Laboratory / Process Development Equipment
-  Nuclear Power

Process Experience
-  Vacuum Isothermal Forging
-  Hot Die Forging
-  Diffusion Bonding
-  Sintering
-  Ceramic to Metal Bonding
-  Elastomeric Materials  
-  Chemical Vapor Deposition
-  Brazing
-  Investment Casting
-  Carbonizing
-  Nitriding
-  Hardening
-  Stress Relieving
-  Uniform of Gradient Controlled Quenching
-  Multi-layer Monolithic Ceramic Circuits

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